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U Jelly is a new donut shop located in Fountain Valley, CA on the corner of Brookhurst St. and Edinger Ave. (across from Mile Square Park).  Here is a full U Jelly review, complete with pictures and notes on each donut that we tried.

U jelly thai iced tea donut and strawberry shortcake

In the above picture, you can see the Taro Donut, Thai Iced Tea Donut and the Strawberry Shortcake Donut.  Personally I am not a fan of Taro, so I didn’t try this one.  Thai Iced Tea on the other hand is one of my favorite drinks, so trying that one was a no-brainer.  U Jelly’s Thai Iced Tea donut is a hybrid between a cupcake batter and a donut, so it is very rich and moist.  It has a really good Thai Iced Tea aftertaste (just don’t eat it while drinking Thai Iced Tea or else you won’t really taste it correctly).  Their Strawberry Shortcake is also really good.  It is a bit on the sweet side, but if you like Strawberry Short Cake I highly recommend you try it.

U jelly vietnames coffee donute and vietnames coffe cake donut

I absolutely love Vietnamese Coffee, so when I saw they had two Vietnamese Coffee Donuts I had to try them both.  On the left is their Vietnamese Coffee Donut and on the right is the Vietnamese Coffee Cake Donut.  Both are good, but I thought the Vietnamese Coffee Cake Donut (right) was amazing.  It has a moist cupcake consistency but the structure of a donut.  It is packed with flavor and you can taste the rich Vietnamese Coffee from start to finish.

U jelly pandan leaves donut

This next one is probably my favorite donut. Not only because it tastes so damn good, but it is very original.   This is their Pandan leaf donut with coconut milk frosting.  If you only take one thing away from this U Jelly review, make sure you try their Pandan leaf donut!  To be 100% honest, I don’t even know how to start describing Pandan leaf to someone who has never tried it.  It is almost like describing honey to someone, because it is natural and sweet, but it has its own flavor profile that is very unique.  Pandan leaves are used a lot in south east Asia (Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, etc.) so if you like Pandan leaf flavor you have to try this donut!  Actually, I take that back… if you like coconut then you should try this out anyways because I am pretty sure you will love it.

U jelly cinnamon donut

Their cinnamon roll donut was good, but I would love to see it executed a little differently. You get a ton of cinnamon roll flavor, but it all comes from the frosting.  The donut itself is just another donut.  I would love to try a donut where the donut itself tastes like a cinnamon roll.  One thing I really like about their frosting is it doesn’t just taste like cinnamon.  One of the unique flavor profiles of a cinnamon roll is the tangy flavor you get from the yeast in the dough.  U Jelly’s cinnamon roll donut has that same tangy taste in the frosting which makes it spot on to the name.


U jelly coconut flan donut

Here you have a coconut and flan donut.  This is another one where I love the concept, but I think the execution could use a little improvement.  The donut is 90% coconut with 10% flan just on the top.  What I would love to see is the same donut, but with a flan custard injected into the donut.  That way it is more like 60% coconut with 40% flan oozing out the middle.

U jelly fruity pebbles donut

Here is their Fruity Pebbles donut, which tastes exactly like you think it would taste.  One thing I really like about this donut is the fact that the donut has a subtle fruity pebble taste which allows the fruity pebble topping to really shine through in flavor.  This donut really makes you want to have a glass of cold milk while your eating it.

U jlly chocolate smore donut

Let me introduce you to their Chocolate S’more donut.  Yes, it tastes as rich and amazing as your mind is currently telling you.  Warning, this is a very sweet donut so make sure you have a sweet tooth if you order this.  This is the kind of donut that needs a glass of milk or milk tea to go along with it.

U jelly cookie and cream donut

This is their cookies and cream donut.  Inside the dough, is a mixture of chocolate dough and cookie (cream color) dough so you get a nice black and white effect.  This donut is extremely moist and it has great flavor that isn’t too rich.

U jelly hokkaido milk tea and thai iced tea

U Jelly also sells great drinks to go along with their donuts.  On the left you can see their Hokkaido Milk Tea and on the right is their Thai Iced Tea.  Hokkaido Milk Tea is a black tea mixed with a creamy foam and caramel.  This tea has a ton of flavor and it also has a unique creamy and velvety texture.  Their Thai Iced Tea with boba is also really good, but I favor the Hokkaido Milk Tea myself.

U jelly sign

If you are a donut lover or a foodie, I highly recommend you check out U Jelly in Fountain Valley.  As a recap to this U Jelly Review, I recommend you try the following donuts:

  1. Vietnamese Coffee Cake Donut
  2. Pandan Leaf Donut
  3. Thai Iced Tea Donut
  4. Strawberry Short Cake Donut
  5. Hokkaido Milk Tea (ask for easy on the ice)

I will update this post as I try more of their items (they have stuffed croissants that I haven’t tried yet).

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Ever since I was 5 years old my mom had me helping out in the kitchen. So it didn’t come as a surprise that I ended up loving food. Whether eating, cooking, smelling, seeing, or reviewing I enjoy all aspects of food.

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