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napa rose old fashion

One goal I had for myself was to eat at Club 33 on my 33rd birthday.  That didn’t happen, but instead we went to Napa Rose at the Grant California Hotel at Disneyland Report.  My wife and I have been wanting to come to Napa Rose for a while now, so we finally pulled the trigger for my 33rd birthday.  In case you’ve been debating on whether or not you should try Napa Rose, I figured I would give you a Napa Rose Review so you can decide for yourself.  For my birthday my wife and I decided to take our 2 year old daughter with us because we wanted to enjoy the night as a family.  One awesome feature of Napa Rose is they are kid friendly, which makes sense being located within Disneyland Resort.  To get the night started off right I had to get an old fashion.

Napa Rose Duck Liver Pate

napa rose duck liver pate

We decided to try the check prefix meal because it was our first time and it sounded really good.  If I remember correctly it was about $100 per person for the prefix meal without wine.  Since we got the prefix, the chef sent us a sample of their duck liver pate.  It turns out when you order the prefix or the check tasting menu, they send you free samples to try.  Their duck liver pate was served with a pomegranate jam, it was amazing on their fresh warm bread.

Napa Rose Yellowtail and Grilled Octopus

napa rose yellowtail and grilled octopus

As a first course I had the yellowtail and grilled octopus.  This was a perfect first course, the fish was extremely fresh while the octopus was packed with flavor and super tender.

Napa Rose Diver Scallop and Wagyu Beef

napa rose review - diver scallop and wagyu beef

My wife’s first course was the Napa Rose Diver Scallop and Wagyu Beef.  I will start off and say, if my wife and I were not sharing dishes I would have ordered this dish in a heart beat.  The only reason I ordered the other appetizer was because we wanted to try both, but hands down this is the best appetizer on the Napa Rose menu.  The diver scallop was perfectly cooked, nice and crispy on the outside, yet perfectly soft and tender on the inside.  Their Wagyu beef literally melted in my mouth and the flavor was so divine I felt like my mouth had a religious experience.  If you are only going to take away one thing from my Napa Rose Review, make sure you try the Diver Scallop and Wagyu Beef!

Napa Rose Grilled Chicken Kids Meal

napa rose grilled chicken kids meal

This was my daughters gourmet dinner and she loved every bite.  I posted this because I want parents to see that Napa Rose is kid friendly.

Napa Rose Duck Breast and Veal Sweetbread

napa rose duck breast and veal sweetbread

For our main course my wife and I both got the Napa Rose Duck Breast and Veal Sweetbread.  This dish was absolutely amazing, I would say it is a fast follow to the Diver Scallop and Wagyu Beef.  The duck breast was perfectly seasoned and cooked with a nice crispy skin with a soft juicy center.  It was paired well with the soft veal sweetbread and mushrooms.  If you are a fan of duck I would highly recommend this dish.

Napa Rose Pot Roast

napa rose pot roast

Our second entree was the pot roast.  Although this dish didn’t blow us away, it was still super tender and it had great flavor.  I thought it was a perfect dish to fill you up and prepare your taste buds for dessert.  If were to order a la carte I probably wouldn’t pick this dish, but as an overall meal it was a nice choice.  I am not going to lie, I was still thinking about the scallop, Wagyu beef and duck breast while I was eating this dish.

Napa Rose Birthday Dessert

napa rose birthday dessert

Since it was my birthday, Napa Rose treated me to a lemon tart with fresh fruit.  We also ordered a chocolate cake dessert, but my wife ate it before I could remember to take a picture.  Both of their desserts were great, but again we were both still dreaming about the appetizers and first entree.

Napa Rose Review Summary

napa rose roses

I included a picture of their roses because very table has fresh roses as the center piece.  As a summary of my Napa Rose Review, I would say it is one of the better fine dining restaurants I’ve been to and probably one of the best in Orange County.  I think it is an ideal choice for families that want to celebrate a special night with the kids.  It is also a great date night restaurant but plan to spend some money if you want to drink and enjoy top quality food.

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Ever since I was 5 years old my mom had me helping out in the kitchen. So it didn’t come as a surprise that I ended up loving food. Whether eating, cooking, smelling, seeing, or reviewing I enjoy all aspects of food.

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