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5 November, 2013

Specialty’s Cafe (Irvine, CA)

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At my last job in Irvine I had a lot of fun working with  my team because we had a lot of food lovers in the group.  Every day one of the first things we would all talk about is what was for lunch that day.  One day, my coworker brought back a sandwich that instantly caught my attention, I took a bite an instantly fell in love.  Unfortunately I already ate lunch that day, so the next day I went straight to Specialty’s in Irvine, CA to get my own Turkey, Apple, Brie & Bacon Sandwich.  Now words cannot begin to explain the burst of flavor, but I will do my best to do it justice.  When you first bite into this sandwich you immediately taste the toasted crust of Ciabatta bread which is instantly followed by a burst of savory bacon and turkey.  As you chew the lemon thyme aioli adds creamy and zesty taste that helps round out the flavor of the savory meat.  Next you will get a sweet kick from the roasted Fuji apples that blends perfectly with the saltiness of the bacon.  Finally the last ingredient is the arugula which helps to add a hint of needed bitterness and crispness.  Now I’ve eaten this sandwich a lot and I’ve found that substituting spinach instead of arugula works better for me, but either way it is a great sandwich.  My only complaint is that the sandwich requires a great deal of care in handling to prevent the insides from slipping out.  So do not try to eat this sandwich with one hand.  Specialty’s also has really good pastries and cookies.  It is a perfect place to have lunch during the week, just make sure to order ahead so you don’t have to wait.

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