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5 August, 2015

OC Fair 2015 Food Review

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I know I am late to the game in doing a full food OC fair 2015 food review because this year I didn’t get to go to the fair right when it opened.  Normally my wife and I would have just rushed down opening weekend but this year we wanted to take a it slow since we were bringing our 5 month old daughter for the first time.  With that being said, I still want to share the three dishes that I did have because I made sure to pick the best three dishes that I would recommend to others.  As an appetizer I will always recommend the fire roasted corn.  I included a map at the end of this post to help guide you to the three spots where you can find my recommended dishes.


If you order the sausage dog, make sure you are either super hungry or you will need to share it because it is massive.  Bang for your buck, this is one of the best dishes that tastes great and fills you up.  In my opinion, most of the fried fair food is a waste of money (fried corn on the cob, fried cheesecake, fried twinky?).  The sausage dog is a great dish that will fill you up while not breaking the bank.  If you want to eat a lot of other items then I highly recommend splitting the sausage dog.


Samoa doughnut… Yes, you are not dreaming.  Someone finally made the ultimate fair food dessert.  Please be warned, this doughnut is massive, I had to split it with four people and we still had  a hard time finishing it.  It tastes exactly like a Samoa cookie but with a doughnut texture.  I highly recommend eating this with a big glass of ice cold milk.

oc fair 2015 food review map

[Click on map to zoom]

If you want a full OC fair 2015 food guide check out Tom’s Food Blog, he did a great job in covering all of the new dishes at the fair this year.  Hopefully next year I can do a better fair food review, but this year I was busy introducing the OC fair to Juliet.  Picture below is our 2014 OC Fair photo booth picture side-by-side with our 2015 one.


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2 thoughts on : OC Fair 2015 Food Review

  • Tom's Foodie Blog
    August 6, 2015 at 9:32 am

    Thanks for sharing the link to my article, enjoyed reading yours as well. Nice shot of the corn!

    • Derrick Chan
      August 7, 2015 at 10:13 pm

      Thanks Tom, always glad to share another food lovers article.

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