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8 December, 2013

Nekter Juice Bar

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A few years ago I was a Senior Project Manager at a web firm in Costa Mesa and one of my clients was Nekter Juice Bar.  My job was to build them an eCommerce website that could take orders and have the drink ready for the customer to pick up at a selected location within 15 minutes.  Once I was assigned this project the first thing I did was I went down to Nekter and tried every drink they make because I am a firm believer that you cannot do a good job in helping sell that which you would not use yourself or at least stand behind.  Nekter makes fresh natural juice from locally grown organic ingredients.  After trying all of their drinks I started juicing almost daily, at first I just went to Nekter but I eventually got my own juicer and continued juicing even after I moved on to another position.


Nekter services juices, smoothies, acai bowls, cleanses and other drinks.  Personally my favorite two drinks at Nekter is their Toxin Flush juice and their Date Nut Smoothy.  I loved both of these drinks so much I went home and made my own versions of them which I’ve already posted about in the past:

Date Nut Smoothy

Green Kale Juice

My versions are not 100% exactly the same as Nekter’s but I made mine based on my desired taste.  For the Green Kale Juice I now add more ginger and kale, I also use a Blendtec Blender now instead of a juicer so my juice keeps all the fiber as well as the juice.

Nekter is best known for their cleanses which sells like hot cakes in Costa Mesa, Dana Point and Fashion Island.  Now I myself am too much of a food lover to cleanse for too long so I only did a 3 day cleanse myself.  However, I will say you feel so much lighter and energetic after a cleanse.  If you haven’t tried them before I highly recommend stopping buy one of their locations.  Their staff is very helpful and they can help guide you into the right drink for your goals and or taste.  If you like them on Facebook you can usually get special offers, especially on their cleanses.  Juices, Smoothies and Drinks can be ordered online and picked up within 15 minutes and cleanses can be ordered and shipped to you fresh!

Here are links to Nekter:

Nekter’s Website

Nekter on Facebook

Nekter on Yelp

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