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26 October, 2013

Gaüfreé (Irvine, CA)

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organic buttermilk fried chicken

Watch out Irvine, CA… gourmet waffle sandwiches are here!  Recently Bruxie’s opened up a new location in Irvine off Culver and Walnut.  But watch out Bruxie’s, there is a new waffle sandwich restaurant in Irvine, and this foody think’s Bruxie’s has some serious competition.  Gaüfreé is a new restaurant located off Alton and Culver, in the Olive Garden shopping center.  They serve artisan crafted waffle sandwiches and all of their ingredients are made from scratch!  I was skeptical at first because I am a Bruxie’s fan, but after I tried their Organic Buttermilk Fried Chicken served with their Meyer’s Rum chipotle molasses dip I became a quick convert.

I was pleasantly surprised at how juicy and refreshing their Organic Buttermilk Fried Chicken waffle sandwich was.  Normally fried chicken used in sandwiches are overcooked and a bit dry and for waffle sandwiches you usually feel weighed down and heavy.  Their waffle sandwich was refreshing and light, yet very taste. I went with my uncle and we shared the Organic Buttermilk Fried Chicken and the House Famous Pulled Pork.

home made BBQ pulled pork

Their pulled pork is legit!  Unlike Bruxie’s who uses a Carolina style pulled pork (more tangy), Gaüfreé uses a home made BBQ sauce which is more of a memphis style (sweeter, thicker and molasses flavor).  The pulled pork is so good I could just order a plate of that by itself but on this sandwich it is perfect because it is served with grilled onions and coleslaw which gives the perfect balance of sweet, savory and freshness.  One piece of advice for eating the pulled port, once you get the waffle sandwich eat it fast because the pulled port meat is so moist and juicy that it will make the waffles soggy if you leave it sitting for too long.  I’ve never had a problems since mine barely saw the light of day before I introduced it to the inside of my stomach, but it might become an issue for others.

organic eggs and apple wood smoked bacon waffle sandwich

If you are in the mood for a savory breakfast waffle then try their organic eggs and apple wood smoked bacon waffle sandwich.  You can really taste the smokey notes on the bacon which is thick and crispy.  Their eggs are perfectly soft scrambled so the inside is a little runny while the outer egg is nice and fluffy.  This is the perfect waffle sandwich to start your day off when you are hungry.

Philly cheese steak

steak lovers be warned, you will absolutely love Gaüfreé’s version of a Philly cheese steak.  The grass fed beef is super flavorful and it is served with a good balance of sauteed bell peppers, sweet onions and melted Swiss cheese.  If you are super hungry then you can try to tackle this beast on your own, but you might want to share this sandwich with someone and split another sandwich that isn’t so heavy.  I love the fact that Gaüfreé splits their sandwiches for you before you are served because it makes it super easy to share or split two sandwiches between friends.  I highly recommend Gaüfreé to anyone, their quality of food is top notch I am now a regular here.

monster waffle

Now a waffle shop wouldn’t be complete without sweet waffles too, so Gaüfreé partnered up with McConnell’s fine ice cream to create a variety of delicious sweet treats.  If you have a group that wants to share you can order the MONSTER WAFFLE which is a waffle, heap of ice cream, real whipped cream, roasted nuts and chocolate sauce.  You can even add fruit for an extra dollar but when I tried it I ordered it without the fruit.   On top of all the awesome savory and sweet waffle sandwiches, Gaüfreé also offers killer salads, artisan sodas, fresh lemonade and seasonal Belgian and local beers!


3851-A Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA 92606

Restaurant Hours:
Mon – Thurs 11am – 9pm
Fri 11am – 10pm
Sat 8am – 10 pm
Sun 8am – 9pm

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